With the news this week that Texas may be entering swing state territory, you may be wondering how much more unpredictable this election will get. But, as NewsOK reports, Oklahoma won’t be turning blue anytime soon.

The state has long held a reputation as one of the nation’s most reliably conservative, and that fact seems as true as ever.

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Colorado wildlife officials are proposing killing more mountain lions and black bears in the coming months, reports The Denver Post. The move comes as the state has faced a dwindling deer population. 

Objects from the Borderlands

2 hours ago
SUSAN HARGAGE PAGE, North Carolina /

In 2007 I began making yearly trips/pilgrimages to walk the border and photograph objects left behind by undocumented migrants crossing the U.S–Mexico border between Matamoros, Mexico, and Brownsville, Texas. My work takes an ever-evolving imagined space and concretizes it as a collection of specific objects, first as they are found and photographed in the landscape, then as they are re-photographed and archived, and, finally, as they are united in exhibitions.

Dallas Morning News

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is once again facing accusations of fraud from investors, reports The New York Times.

Lone Star State Lighter Shade of Red This Election

3 hours ago

Texas, home to two of the country’s most recent Republican presidents, George Bush and his son, George W. Bush, and one of the most conservative states in the country, is a toss-up in this year’s presidential election.

Have you ever wanted s'more information about the origin of those squishy, sweet puffs we all take for granted around the campfire?  

Today's Growing on the High Plains peeps at the ancient origin of the marshmallow, and it's hiding in plain sight. Join us as we tap the root of the "mallow plant," commonly found around marshy wetlands. 

From mucilaginous medicine to confection perfection, this treacly treat goes WAY back -- and the story of its cultivation is more than just fluff.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

This week, rumors of “vote switching” ran rampant across the Lone Star State. Stories were traded on the internet about how voters were going to the polls, only to see their selections switched to candidates from the opposing party.

Some of the most prominent reports came from Canyon, the seat of Randall County. The reports prompted the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to investigate.

The verdict? No, Texas’ machines aren’t switching votes.

The world wheat market is showing signs of life, despite recent struggles.


On average, Americans spend nearly $2,000 per year on energy bills. But that burden could be lighter.

Experts estimate that the U.S. could save more than $1.2 trillion if more energy-efficient measures were put in place.


Hi, my name is Fallou Ndiaye.  I am originally from Senegal, West Africa.  I currently live in Garden City, Kansas. My story of coming to the United States began when I worked at the Embassy in Senegal because Senegal is the long ally of the United States. The last three Presidents visited Senegal, so when I work there, they welcome you and greet you in a respectful way and give me visa to get my chance to come here in the United States.

When I came here, I learned that the opportunities are open to everyone – to everyone who wants to move up, they give you a chance to do it. So, every place since then, I work more than a decade. I was looking for a job and they give me that job, the same job they provide to everyone.  So, even if I don’t speak the language at that time very clearly to them, they help me.  They help me and guide me and train me as they train American people to do the job like everybody.


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