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I've been walkin' on the railroad...and it's not what you would expect! Did you know that, in cities across the world, out-of-use elevated freight rail lines have been resurrected as rustic gardens and public parks? It's true! From Paris to Chicago to New York City, defunct industrial corridors have made for quite the elysian green spaces. On a recent trip to the Big Apple, I was thrilled to visit The High Line —one of the city's most unique public parks. Hovering over Manhattan’s West Side,...

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has been generating a lot of talk in recent days in the Texas Panhandle. The controversial Republican from Stephenville is still being considered for a post in Donald Trump’s cabinet. Miller stopped into Amarillo and made some enemies at a local restaurant, even as he drew heat from The Texas Tribune for spreading false news on his social media accounts. As the Tribune notes, a brief survey of Miller’s Facebook page showed the commissioner reposting...


Oil and gas companies have reason to celebrate this week, as President-Elect Trump is expected to nominate a longtime oil ally to helm the Environmental Protection Agency. As Politico reports, Scott Pruitt has been a staunch opponent of climate regulations in his role as Attorney General of Oklahoma. The suggestion that an avowed climate change denier will head the agency charged with protecting the environment has left environmental advocates feeling devastated. As Oklahoma’s AG, Pruitt has...

Kansas City Star

Kansas has a new Speaker of the House, and he’s coming into the job with a hard row to hoe. As The Kansas City Star reports , Ron Ryckman is inheriting not one but two budget shortfalls. There’s the current budget gap of roughly $348 million, with seven months left in the fiscal year. And then, once the new fiscal year begins, the shortfall is expected to balloon to $582 million. And Governor Sam Brownback has decided to wait until January to propose a solution to the state’s budget crisis,...

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A retail liquor group in Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking a ballot initiative passed by over 65 percent of voters that would allow wine and cold beer to be sold at grocery and convenience stores.

Feds reviewing status of lesser prairie chicken

Dec 7, 2016
Texas Wildlife and Parks / Gary Kramer

Earlier this year, the lesser prairie chicken was removed from the threatened and endangered species list, but in response to a petition by environmentalists, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has agreed to review the bird’s status.

The Denver Post

Going forward, it will be more difficult to get constitutional amendments on the ballot in Colorado.

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An increase in oil prices is likely a precursor to higher gas prices over the holidays. Following an agreement by OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, last week to cut global oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day, the price of crude oil rose to $55 per barrel, a 16-month high, as Yahoo News reports. AAA reported a seven-day increase in national average gas prices which reached $2.18 per gallon Monday. That is a five-cent per gallon increase from last week. OPEC’s...

The Wichita Eagle

Kansas has traditionally had a lower unemployment rate than the nation at large. But that looks to be changing next year, if analyst predictions hold true. As The Wichita Eagle reports , the latest numbers have Kansas at 4.4 percent unemployment, slightly lower than the national average. But the U.S unemployment rate just dropped once again, to 4.6 percent. Meanwhile, experts expect the Kansas unemployment rate to rise to about 4.7 percent in 2018 based on current data. Governor Sam Brownback...

Gett/Motley Fool

The market for agriculture drones looks to be far bigger than many analysts suspected, according to a new report by The Motley Fool . In fact, the addressable market for drones performing agricultural work could be as high as $33 billion.* Drones were first used for agricultural purposes in Japan. Now Goldman Sachs is predicting the agriculture sector to be the largest user of drones in the U.S. over the next five years. And drone makers are increasingly turning their focus to agriculture. So...


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