lunaria en Money Grows... in the Garden <p></p><p>Money Plant, or Lunaria is known for its silvery, white seed pods that resemble coins of the realm.<span> </span>It is a biennial.&nbsp; Clusters of lavender flowers bloom in the spring, and the flat seed pods form the second summer.&nbsp; The coin-shaped pods are beautiful in dried arrangements.&nbsp;<br>To dry the pods, simply cut when they are fully developed, gather them into a bunch, and hang upside down in a place where the air circulates well until they are completely dry, usually two to three weeks.&nbsp; The brown husks on the sides of the seed pods can be removed by gently rubbing the pod between your thumb and finger.&nbsp; Thu, 18 Apr 2013 16:43:28 +0000 Skip Mancini 14878 at Money Grows... in the Garden