storm chasers en Loss of Storm Chaser Has Rippling Effects <div class="wysiwyg-asset-image-wrapper card_280 look2" contenteditable="false"><div attribution="Credit The Discovery Channel/Denver Post" caption="Tim Samaras, right, an engineer who designed and deployed his own instruments in the path of tornadoes, recorded data to help scientists understand the thermodynamics of tornado formation. " class="wysiwyg-asset-image" fid="1208" image_style="card_280" uri="public://201306/samarus.jpg" contenteditable="false"><img alt="" class="pi_assets-image" src="/sites/hppr/files/styles/card_280/public/201306/samarus.jpg"><div class="image-meta-wrapper"><div Thu, 06 Jun 2013 05:01:00 +0000 Cindee Talley 16993 at