HPPR History

The History of High Plains Public Radio

High Plains Public Radio was founded in 1977 for the expressed purpose of enriching the educational, cultural, and community life of the High Plains region. It is also dedicated to developing the self-identity of the High Plains so that the region might better appreciate its common heritage and build a sustainable future. It pursues this mission through public radio broadcasting because the medium is economical and accessible to nearly everyone.

HPPR considers its programming to be radio for the mind and spirit, radio programming that features the best of what the world and our communities have to offer. It provides a stage for presenting news, information, discussion and music programming from across the world as well as a forum for regional issues and interests. Moreover, all of this programming is aired commercial free to maximize programming time and avoid listening interruptions.

HPPR began broadcasting in 1980. Since then, HPPR has incrementally expanded its service area through local initiatives and capital campaigns. HPPR has transmitters located in:

  • Garden City, KS (KANZ 91.1)
  • Hill City, KS (KZNA 90.5)
  • Hays, KS (KZAN 91.7)
  • Amarillo, TX (KJJP 105.7)
  • Bushland, TX (KTXP 9105)
  • Spearman/Perryton, TX (KTOT 89.5)
  • Guymon, OK (KGUY 91.3)

as well as translators and satellators located in:

  • Amarillo, TX (94.9)
  • Ashland, KS (92.3)
  • Atwood, KS (95.3)
  • Colby, KS (88.9)
  • Elkhart, KS (90.3)
  • Goodland, KS (89.7)
  • Hugoton, KS (88.9)
  • Lamar, CO (90.7)
  • Liberal, KS (96.3)
  • Ness City, KS (92.3)
  • Sharon Springs, KS (90.7)
  • St. Francis, KS (96.3)
  • Tribune, KS (89.5)
  • Washburn, Claude and Panhandle, TX (91.3)