With the Zika virus now in the Sunflower State, state agencies and university laboratories are searching for methods to keep the number of cases at a minimum. KMUW's Abigail Wilson has the story.

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Trivia wiz and 74-time Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings recently reported on strange phenomena on a Kansas farm for Condé Nast Traveler. The 360-acre farm of Joyce Taylor, just north of Potwin, is a quiet place off the beaten path. But a few years ago Taylor, 82, began receiving strange phone calls and visitors.

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The Kansas school funding saga continues. In February, the state Supreme Court ruled that funding to poor school districts be increased by June 30th. If legislators failed to fix the funding, said the court, the state public school system would be shut down. On Friday, the court reviewed lawmakers’ latest funding plan and still determined it to be unconstitutional. The court gave lawmakers one more chance, reaffirming the June 30 deadline for the state to fix the problem.


Ever dream of owning a ghost town? Now’s your chance!

The deserted town of Cabin Creek, Colorado, in rural Adams County, is now available for purchase on Craigslist, reports KDVR. “We've had so many people look it`s been amazing,” said the current owner of the town, James Johnson. The road-side village along Highway 36 is available for the tidy sum of $350,000. For that price, you’ll get an old service station, a café, an abandoned motel, and a small house.

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Texas officials have asked all state agencies to scale back their costs by four percent, in an effort to curb spending. The cuts will affect agency budgets for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, reports The Texas Tribune. The request was announced in a letter from Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov.

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While the nation at-large considers whether to limit access to guns, the conversation in Oklahoma is about whether to increase access. This urge to stock up on weapons is part of a long tradition of pro-gun sentiment in the state, notes News OK.

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Surrounded by weeds in a remote section of Webster County, Nebraska, sits an unremarkable clearing. You wouldn’t think it was anything special if you stumbled upon it, notes NTV, but if this pasture could talk it would tell you a secret. There used to be a baseball field here, and a legend pitched from its mound. His name was Denton True Young. But most folks know him as “Cy.”

This June, Kansas revenue collections fell approximately $33 million short of estimates, reports The Hays Daily News.

June marks the conclusion of a financially disastrous fiscal year for the Sunflower State. Over the past year, Kansas took in more than $100 million less than anticipated. Revenue sources have slumped—and, in some cases, plunged—during the past year.

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Rural voters have been flocking to the GOP in recent decades, reports

This year, there are 15 states where rural residents make up more than half the population. Republicans are governors of 11 of them. And the GOP has a chance to pick up the other four in November.

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A new lawsuit brought by a group of intellectually-disabled people in Texas accuses the state of routinely “warehousing” the disabled in nursing homes, reports KVUE.

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Bud Gardner is a fixture in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The grizzled-yet-affable man has worked for the city for the last 23 years. He’s a jack-of-all-trades for the city government, mending potholes and fixing water lines.

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In the aftermath of the UK’s controversial Brexit vote to leave the EU, members of the Texas Independence movement have been hoping to get a similar measure on the ballot in the Lone Star State.

Governor Greg Abbott is on the record as opposing a “Texit” vote, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t taking advantage of the Brexit situation. This weekend Abbot announced that Texas ran digital ads on British websites over the July 4th weekend, reports The Chicago Tribune.

Happy Independence Day to each and every one of you, from all of us here at High Plains Public Radio. In honor of our nation's birthday, here's a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Our best wishes for a safe and happy fourth!

The Republic

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Voters in Oklahoma appear to be growing more jaded. Since 2000, the number of eligible citizens who haven’t registered to vote in in the state has more than doubled, reports the Tulsa World.

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Rural America has always been home to many of America’s veterans. That’s still true today, but the percentage of veterans living in small towns and ag communities is dropping, reports The Daily Yonder.

The reason? Older generations are dying off, while younger generations are more likely than to live in bigger cities. From 2007 to 2014, the percentage of veterans who live in rural areas decreased noticeably.

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As summer descends, concerns continue to mount that the Zika virus will spread in Texas over the coming months. In response, the City of Amarillo’s Public Health and Environmental Health departments have launched campaign called Mission Mosquito. The goal is to educate the public on how to prevent mosquito bites and reduce breeding areas in the city, reports


On this summer holiday, it’s important to remember Americans of a furrier ilk. Every Independence Day animals are at risk of injury, notes KFDA.

Pets can become spooked by fireworks and run away, or be injured by the explosives themselves. Christy Fischer, Assistant Director of Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare, says the Fourth of July is the busiest day for most any shelter across the country.

Here are some steps you can take to protect your animals this holiday:

Luke Clayton

Jump in the truck with me and let’s head down to Lake Tawakoni, located about an hour east of Dallas. Tawakoni is a great fishing lake for many species but especially blue and channel catfish. We’ll join veteran catfish guide David Hanson (903-268-7391) and enjoy some fast paced catching in the shade of the brand new Two Mile Bridge. David is baiting the area with soured grain and cattle cubes and catching regular limits of good eating channel catfish in the 1.5 to 3 pound range.

Fourth of July Fun

Jul 1, 2016

“Gramma, wuuuhms (worms), pops!” giggled my three-year-old granddaughter, calling from western Kansas. It’s July 3, so I realize her parents have taken her to buy childhood firecrackers such as black snakes and those little poppers that I, our daughters, and now our grand love to throw on hard ground. Sure enough, my little caller’s mother confirms that’s what happened. This is G’s first year to enjoy these holiday favorites, and she wanted to share her excitement.

This Independence Day, celebrate our country by helping the Capitol Steps make fun of it! You don’t need to be your own publicist to proclaim laughter is exactly what this election needs!

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This week Kansas experienced something we don’t see a lot of in the modern political realm: compromise. Over the past few months the state has been mired in a fraught battle over funding among public school districts.

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This week the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that had closed over half the state’s abortion clinics.

Now the question becomes, will those clinics re-open? And if so, when?

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The “Ask Hutch” column at The Hutchinson News recently tackled a question that many rural dwellers have wondered about: Can you really be struck by lightning while taking a bath?  As children, many High Plains residents were warned against bathing during thunderstorms. A group of meteorologists agreed that the odds of being hurt like this are extremely rare. But it’s not impossible.

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Public school funding and teacher pay has been repeatedly cut in Oklahoma to help plug the state’s $1.3 billion budget gap. To fight this trend, dozens of former school teachers and administrators filed to run for state office this fall.

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For the most part the US Senate races in 2016 tend to favor the Democrats, reports CNN. Republicans are defending 24 of the 34 available seats. Several of those seats are in traditionally “blue” states. But the most vulnerable Democratic seat up for grabs is in Colorado.


Independence Day is around the corner, and the personal finance website WalletHub decided to determine which states are the most and least patriotic. The results may surprise you. The site tried to weed politics out of the equation by measure 12 metrics that speak to patriotism.

These included number of active duty military and veterans, voting percentages, and number of volunteers. Virginia was found to be the most patriotic state, while New Jersey is the least.

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In the wake of the contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan, other states began to take a look at their own water systems. And for Kansas, the news isn’t good.

As member station KCUR reports, nearly 70 water systems in Kansas have lead levels above the Environmental Protection Agency's acceptable levels. And those are just the systems that have reported a problem. Many may have tried to game the system to avoid alerting the feds of lead contamination.