Ben Brandow

Membership Services Manager

As Membership Services Manager, Ben maintains an open line of communication between HPPR and its members, and uses that communication to help sustain the quality programming found on HPPR.

Ben attended Missouri State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Media Production, and developed his affinity for the well-informed and diverse members of public radio. Joining the HPPR team in October of 2012, he is constantly searching for opportunities to better support HPPR’s listeners. Ben is always enthusiastic to hear from members, and truly believes that they are the foundation of public radio.    

Ways To Connect

Thank you!

Oct 31, 2014

Thanks to the generous support of HPPR's many listener-members, we were able to raise over $77,000 to ensure that public radio keeps going strong across the High Plains. 

During our Fall Membership Campaign we heard from over 100 new members, 236 renewing members, and 189 members who contributed with an additional gift of support. 

HPPR relies on individuals and private support for over 80% of its budget, and simply could not provide public radio service without the generosity of its members from all corners of the High Plains. 

From now until the end of High Plains Morning (10 a.m. CDT), we'll be entering names into a drawing for a chance to add an autographed copy of Tony Bennett's album, With Love, to your personal collection. 

Pledge / Enter the drawing here. 

There's no pledge necessary to enter the drawing, however, pledging your support now is a great way to ensure that your favorite HPPR programs can keep going strong. 


 You enjoy listening to classical music and the Amarillo Symphony on HPPR. Now's your opportunity to hear the Amarillo Symphony live and enjoy a night in Amarillo, courtesy of the Sleep Inn and Suites in Amarillo!

Click here to pledge / enter the drawing. 

       From now until 1 p.m. (CDT), we'll be entering names into a drawing to win two tickets to an Amarillo Symphony performance of your choice, an overnight stay at the Sleep in Suites in Amarillo, as well as a gift certificate for dinner at Leal's Mexican Restaurant. 

We've asked members to let us know how HPPR keeps them in touch with the world at home in their community and why they support. The response has been overwhelming.  
Check out what these HPPR member-listeners have to say, then use the comments section below to tell us what HPPR means to you!

Each spring Skip Mancini, host of Growing on the High Plains, stops by HPPR's studio to help-out during the station's on-air membership campaign. While at the studio, she also holds a drawing, in which she'll  take off across the High Plains to hand-deliver one lucky listener a giant basket full of her garden's summer harvest. 

Thank you

Jun 30, 2014

Thanks to the support of many HPPR member-listeners, we were able to raise nearly $25,000 during our Summer Membership Campaign. 

Membership support is key to bringing public radio to the communities of the High Plains and makes up the largest percentage of HPPR's annual operating budget. 

We're down to the wire , having met $25,260 of HPPR's June goal of $36,000.

With only one day left in the month to close the gap, please take a moment to pledge your support here now

Your gift will help HPPR keep its on-air fundraising to a minimum, and ensure that all your favorite programs are there for you each time you tune in.

As a community licensed public radio station, HPPR  doesn't have any larger institution, such as a university to fall back on for support. 

Around this time each summer, HPPR begins gearing-up for its summer membership  campaign. This summer, while its still important for HPPR raise the funds necessary to maintain its service, we're trying something new.

If HPPR can reach its June goal of $36,000 before the end of the month, we'll be able to completely forgo the on-air portion of our traditional summer membership campaign. 

Thank you to everyone who helped to make HPPR's Spring Membership Campaign a success. With the support of HPPR member-listeners, we were able to raise $96,425 and grow to 1,896 active contributors. 

Throughout the membership campaign we heard from nearly 100 new members, over 300 renewing members, and 214 members giving additional gifts of support. 

Our Spring Membership Campaign is underway.  

Dr. Luther & Ardis Fry of Garden City, KS have issued a dollar for dollar new member match to HPPR listeners.

If you've yet to become a member, help HPPR take full advantage of this challenge, and have your gift doubled by making a pledge here.

New members are key to HPPR's long term stability and growth. They help us to make up for members lost to attrition through relocation and they give us the added strength to take HPPR's service to you and your community to the next level. 

Thanks to the generous support of HPPR member-listeners we’ve reached $96,500 of our $100,000 monetary goal and 1,893 of our 2,000 active member goal for our April Membership Campaign.

With only a few hours remaining before the month comes to an end, you can still help HPPR close the gap on its Spring Membership Campaign by clicking the red support button at the top right of the screen.

Thanks to generous support from our many member-listeners, HPPR was able to meet its year-end contribution drive goal of $50,000. Because of this community support, HPPR will begin 2014 with confidence and be better prepared for the year ahead.

Private support like that which was raised last month, helps HPPR to lessen the gap left from steadily increasing cuts in funding from the state of Kansas and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Date your check today to make your tax deductible contribution to HPPR for 2013 and mail it to 210 N 7th Street, Garden City, KS, 67846.  Or contribute now on-line by clicking the red “SUPPORT HPPR” button above.  Call 800-678-7444 with any questions or needed assistance.  However you give, it will help meet HPPR’s goal of raising $50,000 in December in order to cover sharp cuts in government support and end this year without a deficit.  Thank you for your action and support.

Year-End Giving to HPPR

Dec 25, 2013

Whether it’s your first contribution, a membership renewal or an additional gift, your support now will help meet our December goal of raising $50,000 in private support from individuals in order to end this year without a deficit.  You can contribute quickly and securely now by clicking the red “SUPPORT HPPR” button above.  Or mail your contribution to: HPPR, 210 N 7th Street, Garden City, KS, 67846.

There are currently about 43 individuals who make annual contributions of $1,000 a year or more to HPPR – some as high as $10,000 in some years.  These are individuals who give an “extra share” above and beyond supporting their own listening.  They’re also supporting the educational, cultural and civic service HPPR provides in their community and across the wider High Plains region.

Amid all the debate over shrinking government, cutting funding and reducing deficits, support for HPPR is one area where there’s been action and real consequences.  HPPR’s funding from the State of Kansas has been cut by 78% from its peak level.  And support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has declined 25% since 2010. 

Thank you!

Oct 31, 2013

Thank you to all of our member-listeners who came together to raise over $75,000 for HPPR by calling, mailing and webbing-in support throughout October and the Turn-a-Page Pledge Drive!

In October, we gained 119 new members, renewed 213  members and received 242  additional gift of support from current HPPR members!

Thanks HPPR Members!

Jul 20, 2013

Thank you to all of our loyal member-listeners who called, webbed and mailed in their gifts of support. With your help, we were able to raise nearly $45,000 for High Plains Public Radio. 

Thanks to our many generous member-listeners, we'll be able to match every new member's pledge of $75 or more, with an additional $100! 

Help HPPR Close the Gap

Jul 15, 2013

HPPR's summer mini drive has ended, but you can still help us close the gap on our July goal of $50,000 by  making a pledge of support at our secure pledge page (Pledge Here). By pledging now,  you'll help us cover the cost of bringing your favorite programs to the High Plains and help us to end our drive on a high note. 

Today is your last chance to entered to win two round-trip American Airlines tickets to anywhere in the United States, Mexico and Canada! While there's no pledge necessary to enter to win, why not pledge now and do your part to keep High Plains Public Radio strong!

HPPR’s summer mini drive kicks off July 17th, but you don’t have to wait to renew your membership, help with an additional gift or become a new member. When you pledge today, your gift will help us to bring in the revenue needed to keep our diverse programming strong, well into the future.

HPPR broadcasts live from Light Park in Liberal, KS as a part of the Kansas Sampler Festival on May 4th.

Thanks, Members!

Apr 26, 2013

Thank you, to all of our great members who have helped us to raise $84,171 during our Spring Membership Drive. You truly are the force that powers public radio across the High Plains.

Your support helps HPPR to provide the highest quality of public radio programming. Programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, High Plains Morning and Car Talk, are only available because of people like you, who have picked up the phone, went to our pledge page, or sent in their contribution through the mail.

Pet Challenge Day!

Apr 22, 2013

April 23rd is Pet Challenge Day at HPPR! Who will reign supreme? Cats? Dogs? Iguanas? Vote now and pledge your support for great public radio now! (Pledge Here)

For every $100 pledged to HPPR today, we'll donate one underwriting announcement to benefit humane societies. For example, a goal of $7,500 for that day would net 75 announcements. That would be over 12 announcements per month to be aired during regular programming over the next six months.

New Member Match

Apr 18, 2013

Thanks to generous support from the Dr. Luther and Ardis Fry donor advised fund at the Western Kansas Community Foundation, we'll be able to match every new member's pledge, made at any level,  with an additional $50 contribution (Pledge Here)

If there was ever a time to join the community of public radio supporters that make HPPR possible, that time is now!

We've been issued a challenge from our current listener-members! Thanks to their generous support, every pledge made A Prairie Home Companion will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $1,500.  Pledge Here 

Pledge Drive Tally

Apr 17, 2013

We've reached $38,458 of our $50,000 Summer Mini Drive goal.

With your help, we'll be able to meet our $50,000 goal, but with only four days to make it, we must act quickly!

You can pledge your support by calling 800-678-7444 during our live on-air drive hours or anytime, day or night, at our secure pledge page

We've asked our members to share how HPPR enriches, engages and empowers their lives and communities and  compiled a list below.