Ben Brandow

Membership Services Manager

As Membership Services Manager, Ben maintains an open line of communication between HPPR and its members, and uses that communication to help sustain the quality programming found on HPPR.

Ben attended Missouri State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Media Production, and developed his affinity for the well-informed and diverse members of public radio. Joining the HPPR team in October of 2012, he is constantly searching for opportunities to better support HPPR’s listeners. Ben is always enthusiastic to hear from members, and truly believes that they are the foundation of public radio.    

Ways To Connect

HPPR's Spring Membership Drive has ended, but if you didn't have a chance to pledge your support, you can still help  close the gap! You can keep public radio on the High Plains strong by pledging now.

This spring HPPR also wants to know how public radio enriches, engages and empowers you and your community on the High Plains. (You can use the comment section at the end of this post.)

By selecting a new, additional or renewing membership level that’s comfortable for you (pledge here) you'll give a strong finish to our April goal of $110,000.

Thank you, HPPR members! Your pledges of support have gone to keep great HPPR and NPR programming on the air throughout the High Plains. Your support during our mini-drive has helped HPPR to raise $16,045 towards quality news, music and entertainment.

Members are the most vital resource for HPPR. We truly depend on and appreciate the involvement of our members, and couldn’t make public radio available without you.

So far we’ve raised $15,755 towards our goal of $26,000! Have you gotten on board with your pledge of support?      

When you enter your pledge of support, you’ll be entered to win 2 American Airlines tickets to anywhere in the continental United States, Mexico and Canada. A contribution isn’t required to enter the drawing, however, it is a great way to show you support local and NPR programming on HPPR.

Thanks to  generous gifts from our members, we'll be matching EVERY pledge made today during Morning Edition, up to $2,000. Click here to pledge now!

This means that when you call us at 800-678-7444 or go to our secure pledge page , your gift will be matched dollar for dollar! HPPR and its members are challenging all listeners to do what they can to make this challenge successful.

Our mini-drive is almost over and we're giving one lucky listener two round-trip tickets to anywhere American Airlines flies in the continental United States, Mexico or CanadaClick here to pledge and/or enter the drawing.

We would like to thank all those who made time to pledge their support during the Feed your Radio, Feed a Family Fund Drive. No matter whether you called, mailed or went on to to make your pledge, you've made a difference on the high plains.  

The Feed your Radio, Feed a Family Fund Drive raised over $60,000 for HPPR, and thanks to our generous sponsors,  5.7% of every dollar pledged to HPPR was also matched to local food banks. Those food banks were able to take that 5.7% and translate it into 17,500+ meals to high plains residents.