Deb Oyler

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Deb reports directly to HPPR’s board of directors and is responsible for developing and managing the network’s overall strategic direction, hiring and managing department heads, provide direct leadership for development initiatives with a special focus on the development and implementation of major giving initiatives, evaluating the overall quality and effectiveness of HPPR’s program schedule, communicating with member listeners, overseeing financial budgeting and management, and ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

Deb  began her career with High Plains Public Radio as a volunteer Webmaster in 1999.  She was hired as the Promotions Director in 2000.  Over the years, she worked in every department and in 2006 was named Senior Director of Development.  In 2008, Deb was promoted to Executive Director and currently holds that position.

Prior to her work in public broadcasting, Deb worked in the education field and specialized in deaf/blind education. She holds a B.S. from the University of North Dakota and deaf/blind education credentials from Northern Illinois University and the Helen Keller National Center.

Deb and her husband, Rex, live in Garden City, KS.  They have a blended family with 5 daughters and 3 sons ranging from 31 – 9 years of age.

Location: Garden City, KS studios

Phone: (800) 678-7444 ext 11 or  (620) 275-7444 ext 11

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Dec 9, 2014

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Position: This full-time position is responsible for managing on and off-air efforts to build overall membership and awareness in High Plains Public Radio. Duties include managing and implementing monthly direct mail schedule, developing plan for increasing members, developing marketing plan to increase awareness and assisting in the planning of on-air drives. This position requires some late nights and weekends as well as occasional overnight travel.

Donations of securities

Dec 17, 2013

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares or other securities may be an advantageous way of making a major contribution to HPPR.  You can avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a tax deduction for their full fair market value.  If making a donation, please make the transfer in the name of Kanza Society Inc., HPPR's legal incorporation, and Federal ID #48-0859735.

HPPR's year-end giving campaign goal is $55,000.  This is the amount of individual contributions needed to keep on budget, cover sharp cuts in State of Kansas support, and continue serving you and your community in the new year. 

HPPR's toll-free number is not operating due to problems with our telecom service providers.  Please use our main office number  --  620 275 7444 -- in the meantime.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Update 12/27/12 - 800 number still down. We may not have that service restored until after the new year. Please check here for further updates.

HPPR’s fall membership drive continues now, quietly, as we keep working to raise the drive’s goal of $80,000 in October that’s needed to continue public radio service to you and your community.  So, as you listen, if you haven't yet contributed, please take a moment to pledge now on-line or respond to the HPPR mailing you may have received.  Thank you!

Update report on High Plains Public Radio - October 2012

Food banks serving the High Plains can typically provide five meals to the hungry for every dollar in cash donations.  Through HPPR’s Feed your radio, feed a family membership drive your contribution to support public radio on the High Plains also provides meals for needy families on the High Plains.  For example, a $100 pledge to HPPR also provides funding for 22 meals through area food banks.  And if the membership drive’s goal is reached, 17,500 meals can be provided.  

Another HPPR progressive CD drawing is in progress.  Pledge and/or enter now to get your name in the hat:

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Today’s a pitch-free Sunday during HPPR’s fall membership drive.  All you’ll hear are some short on-air reminders – so enjoy the uninterrupted programming as usual.  Our volunteers answering the phones are also off for the day but you can still pledge on-line any time today.

HPPR’s fall membership drive is taking a break from “pitching” for your support.  All you’ll hear are some short on-air reminders – so enjoy the uninterrupted programming.  Our volunteers answering the phones have also gone home for the day.  But you can still make your pledge on-line since never sleeps.  

If you've helped in reaching the tally thus far in HPPR’s fall membership drive, thank you!  If you've yet to add your new, renewed or additional support, please pledge on-line now or call 800-678-7444.  Private membership contributions are by far the largest source of support for public radio on the High Plains.

Pledge on-line or call 800-678-7444 now to give your new, renewed or additional membership support to HPPR.  By acting now you’ll shorten the time needed for on-air fundraising, earn a special Feed your radio, feed a family match of 4.4% of your contribution to support area food banks and, of course, provide the funds needed to continue HPPR’s service to you and your community.

During this fall’s HPPR membership drive from October 11th to October 19th you can support both public radio and your local food bank with a single contribution.  HPPR has partnered with local sponsors and area food banks on this joint program to feed both the mind and the body.  For every pledge made to HPPR during the on-air drive, sponsors of our special “Feed your Radio, Feed a Family” fund will contribute a 4.4% match to local food shelters.

Rod Buchele, Garden City, KS, President

Charles Kessie, Canadian, TX, Vice President

Joel Herndon, Dighton, KS Secretary

Linda Schlegel, Garden City, KS, Treasurer

Stanley Adleman, Amarillo, TX, Member

Greta Clark, Dodge City, KS, Member

Barbara Clinkscales, Hays, KS Member

Tony Hardman, Goodwell, OK, Member

Joel Herndon, Dighton, Member

Wayne Hughes, Amarillo, TX, Past President

Paul Phillips, Hays, KS, Member

Greg Rohloff, Amarillo, TX, Member

Robert Trevino, Amarillo, TX, Member

HPPR is seeking qualified and committed applicants for job four opportunities in the areas of fundraising, programming and operations: