5 minutes to close the gap -- $3,500 remaining

Apr 2, 2014

Almost there ... pledge now to close the gap

Thanks to the generous support of HPPR member-listeners we’ve reached $96,500 of our $100,000 monetary goal and 1,893 of our 2,000 active member goal for our April Membership Campaign.

With only a few hours remaining before the month comes to an end, you can still help HPPR close the gap on its Spring Membership Campaign by clicking the red support button at the top right of the screen.

Or, you can also make a pledge of support by visiting our secure contribution page (here)

The individual support of member-listeners is important to public radio across the nation, but especially to HPPR.

While many traditional public radio stations are centered in urban areas where they can reach a population of several million with one transmitter, HPPR must maintain a network of 21 transmitters and translators across hundreds of miles to reach a population of about 600,000 -- Making our costs per capita much higher than that of other stations, and meaning your support is that much more important for HPPR to be able to count on today…

HPPR has thrived over the past 34 years because of an exchange of exceptional support  for  exceptional service. It’s this give and take that has brought us to the success we enjoy now. With your help today, we’ll be able to not only sustain public radio, we’ll be able to take steps to better serve you and your community for years to come.