Abbott postpones special-session announcement

Jun 2, 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott
Credit Bob Daemmerich / Texas Tribune

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has postponed his announcement about whether he will call the state Legislature back for a special session, reports The Texas Tribune. The Governor had indicated that he planned to make the announcement late this week.

But now he says he’s holding off until next week.

This legislative session was one of the most rancorous in memory, marked by protests, intraparty infighting and controversy surrounding measures like the so-called “bathroom bill” and the lightning-rod legislation known as the “sanctuary cities” bill, which has now become law.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has repeatedly expressed his wish for a special session, in hopes that he can hammer home his pet project, the bathroom bill. But Speaker of the House Joe Straus has called the bathroom bill a distraction, and most lawmakers are presumably itching to leave the fraught legislative term behind and head home.