After Failure Of Tax Plan, Oklahomans Wonder What’s Next

Nov 12, 2017

Credit Phillip Ingham / Flickr Creative Commons

Last week, the Oklahoma House of Representatives fell five votes shy of passing a tax bill that would have shut down the Special Legislative session and prevented the need for steep budget cuts.

As KGOU reports, the plan was supported by advocates from the health care, education, and public policy sectors. But the widespread support of nurses and teachers wasn’t enough. The tax plan would have eased the state’s budget woes by raising taxes on gasoline, tobacco products, beer, and oil and gas wells.

The tax hikes would have amounted to well over half a billion dollars in increased revenue over the next two years. The plan would have also provided raises for teachers and government employees.

Twenty-two Republicans voted against the bill, despite pleading from Gov. Mary Fallin and GOP colleagues in the Legislature. Five Democrats also voted against the measure.