Amarillo Author Brings the World's Religions to Life

Aug 30, 2016

Jason Boyett

An Amarillo author has written two books aimed at introducing nationwide audiences to the world’s religions, using everyday language. Jason Boyett’s latest book, on the 12 major religions of the world, becomes available today.

Boyett grew up Southern Baptist, but in school he became fascinated with religions different from his own. He says his main goal with the new book was to be fair, and he sees the work as an effort to explain rather than convince. “Every religion has something from which we could learn,” Boyett added.

Boyett also released a book about Greek mythology in June, entitled Lust, Chaos, War, and Fate. He says that book was an attempt to write a more accessible and entertaining version of Bullfinch’s Mythology, with character portraits and fun sidebars to go along with the myths themselves. “Once you really dig into the ancient stories, there’s a lot more sex, violence, and outright treachery than they tend to tell you in 5th grade,” he explained.