Amarillo Senator files bill to repeal financial aid law

Feb 24, 2017

Senate Higher Education Committee chair Kel Seliger of Amarillo
Credit Bob Daemmerich / Texas Tribune

A Texas Senate panel is moving toward abolishing a rule aimed at helping low-income students attend college in the Lone Star State, reports The Texas Tribune.

The legislation, known as “Bill 18,” would eliminate a rule requiring universities to set aside tuition dollars for scholarships and grants to benefit poor students. The legislation, which is supported by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, was introduced by Senator Kel Seliger, a Republican from Amarillo.

Democrats are opposing the bill, saying it will further hobble poor students who already have more hurdles than wealthy students.

Seliger said the current system forces students with money to pay for poor students.

“While we should be focused on college affordability, we should not do it for some students on the backs of others,” he said. 

Should the bill pass the Texas Senate, it will move on to the House, where its future is uncertain.