Amarillo welcomes new alcohol and drug treatment facility

Feb 9, 2017

Credit KVII

The Panhandle of Texas will soon be home to a new alcohol and drug rehabilitation center.

As KVII reports, the Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs (ARAD) organization has plans to move into the former Bivins nursing home.

The facility holds 32 beds, and will soon house the area’s only 30-day substance abuse treatment center.

ARAD will provide first-class service to those recovering from addiction for a long time to come, as the center has entered a 25 year lease agreement with the Bivins Foundation. ARAD is currently known for providing free substance abuse recovery services to the panhandle’s homeless population.

Substance abuse is known to lead to other problems in society, such as child abuse, domestic violence, robberies and deadly vehicle crashes. The Amarillo Recovery group hopes this new rehab center will have a positive effect on the community at large.