And The Survey Says: Kansas Drivers Are Among Rudest In The Nation

Aug 29, 2017

Which states have the most courteous drivers?
Credit Kars4Kids / Courtesy photo

It might come as a surprise, but Kansas drivers are rude – almost as rude as New York drivers.  

As The Wichita Eagle reports, normally known as a friendly state, Kansas ranked as the 12th rudest state in the country, according to a survey from Kars4Kids, which says “Kansas drivers will let you merge in ahead of them, but make sure to speed up as soon as they do because they don’t like slow drivers.”

Kansas received the worst scores in the nation for aggressive responses to slow driving with a D+.

Oklahoma drivers didn’t fare much better with a D rating, while Texas got a B- and Colorado got an A-.

Kansas’ lowest score was a 2.22 out of 4 (with 4 the most polite response) in response to the question: What do you do when you’re in the left lane and suddenly realize your exit is rapidly approaching all the way on the right? Other states had lower scores in answer to the same question.

The five least courteous states were New York, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana and Wisconsin.