Up For Auction: A 25 square mile chunk of Texas

Sep 5, 2013

Credit http://assiter.com/

On Thursday, September 12, 10:00am, an unusual auction will take place at McLean Cowboy Church in McLean.  Up for bids is the Chapman Ranch, a 16,000 acre parcel spanning roughly 25 square miles in Gray and Wheeler counties according to a recent article by the Amarillo Globe-News.

It’s rare a parcel of this size comes up for sale.  The ranch as been divided into tracts ranging in size from 40 to 1,280 acres.  Parties can bid on individual tracts, groups of tracts, or the entire ranch according to firm conducting the sale, Assiter Auctioneers.   

Chapman Ranch has areas with mature trees, pasture land and irrigated farmland. It also contains more than 5 miles of creeks and six lakes, one of which covers more than 50 acres, according to Assiter.

And who the buyer(s) may be is anyone’s guess.  Ranchers and farmers are likely candidates, but the property’s deer, turkey, quail, wild hogs and fish might draw the recreational hunter. 

George Chapman owns the ranch, and is selling to pay lenders.