Bill to allow guns in Oklahoma courthouses clears House

Mar 16, 2017

Credit KFOR

A new Oklahoma bill that would allow county officials to carry guns into courthouses has passed its first hurdle, reports KFOR.

The bill, proposed, by Republican Rep. Bobby Cleveland, passed the state House of Representatives on an 85-11 vote this week. Now the bill goes to the Senate, and if it passes there it will got to Governor Mary Fallin’s desk for ratification.

If the measure passes, it will allow elected officials with a valid handgun license to carry a gun into the county courthouse in which that person was elected, but only when he or she is performing official duties. However, the bill doesn’t go so far as to allow guns into the courtrooms themselves.

The National Rifle Association has endorsed the law, and Rep. Cleveland proposed it because he wants elected officials to be able to protect themselves against irrational constituents.