Book research leads to a surprising discovery about pork processing

Jun 19, 2015

Credit Luke Clayton

 Howdy Folks!

I'm finishing up a book on wild hog hunting and processing, and my research has led to a surprising discovery.  

Trappers can sell the pigs to processors.  the processing plants have a USDA Inspector on the premises.  

Each hog being shipped to Europe is tested for trichinosis, a parasite sometimes prevalent in hogs, and very widespread in bear.  I thought all hogs, both domestic and feral were carriers of trichinosis.  That's not so.  I learned in thousands of pounds of meat, not one has tested positive for this disease.

You do need to wear protective gloves and take precautions when working with hogs because swine brucellosis does occur.  I couldn't get a percentage on how many hogs have this illness.

Pork cooked to the recommended temperature eliminates concerns about either of these diseases.

I'm headed to Canada to do some big fishing up on the Cree Rivers.  The next time you hear from me, I'll have some fishing stories to share.

Until next time, be safe in the outdoors.

I learned in the last five years a lot of feral hog meat is being consumed domestically.  Processing plants have a USDA Inspector on the premises.