Catfishin: Rig Your Line, Choose Your Bait

Aug 9, 2013

Howdy Folks.  This week I'm still trying to make Cindee into a fisherman- to be more specific- a catfisher. 

Last week we talked about how cats like deeper water this time of year- 22-24 foot deep.  If you can find shade over a ledge or cavity, or a creek feeding into the lake, you have a good chance to find catfish.  

This week, I'll briefly cover baits and fishing rigs.  As far as rigs go, I like to use an 18" leader with a number 4, extra strong, treble hook.  You can use a lighter hook, but you'll lose a bunch of fish.  I also use a bell weight to get that set up down deep in the water.  

Now, to the bait.  The first rule is the stinkier the better.  A fish is not about sight.  Its skin is designed to smell.  The second rule is that bait has got to stay on your hook.  A loose bait does not do a thing to get a fish in your boat.  I prefer punch bait, but old fashioned chicken livers work, and so does a night crawler.

Next time I'll share a secret about bringing the fish to you.