Civil rights groups enraged as Trump tasks Kobach with investigating voter fraud

May 14, 2017

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach
Credit Kansas City Star

Donald Trump has chosen Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to co-chair his new “Commission on Election Integrity,” and civil rights groups are infuriated, reports The Kansas City Star.

Like the President, Kobach has produced headlines by making unsupported claims about illegal voting. Now Kobach will be partly in command of the investigation into Trump’s questionable claims that millions voted illegally for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Critics charge that Trump’s commission is a poorly disguised effort to support his own dubious claims. Civil rights advocates see the commission as a GOP effort to justify suppressing underpriveleged and minority votes—a move that would help Republican candidates in future elections. Trump and Kobach continue to insist their claims are true.

However, one study recently found only 31 cases of potential voter fraud among the billion votes cast over the past 14 years.