Cleon P Carraway... Musician to Call Inventor

Feb 28, 2013

  Cleon P. Carraway loved music.   He also loved hunting.  Experiments fascinated him.  How could you combine those passions into an endeavor?  Cleon found a way.  The discovery and perfection of these interests has been a lifetime journey.

When he was a small boy, his dad bought him a guitar while on vacation.   By the time he was in high school, he was playing lead guitar in a rock band.  If you gave him a 45 record and 20 minutes, his part would be ready to go.  They were well known across the region, playing at colleges, high schools, and some well know venues like the Houston Teen Fair. 

In every spare moment, he was in the great outdoors.  His dad loved to hunt, and shared that passion with his son, but Cleon absorbed the natural sounds that surrounded him as only a musician with his skill set could.  He watched the wildlife, learning the behaviors that accompanied the sounds he heard. 

The next puzzle piece came while he was working with the R&D people at Dow Chemical.  This is where he discovered his passion for experimenting to develop new things.  It also gave him contact with materials that could be used to make calls that couldn't be learned outside the lab.

He was using a call that didn't work when it got wet, which got him to wondering about how to redesign and improve the call.  Basically, his hog and turkey calls are miniature musical instruments.  He designs them to sound correctly, be easy to use, and for ease of handling.  More information can be found at: or  If you'd rather call, his number is: 281-573-1989. 

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