In Colorado Legislature, A Showdown Over Climate Change

Mar 31, 2016

Credit Valerie Mosley / Colorodoan

The debate over climate change has resulted in simmering tensions across the US for years. And this week the issue led to a showdown in the Colorado legislature, reports the Coloradoan. The tussle between Democrats and Republicans occurred over whether to pay for efforts to curb carbon emissions.

Republicans say it’s a waste of money to comply with the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. The federal plan regulates carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, which a vast majority of scientists agree are partly responsible for climate change. Democrats, on the other hand, insist that Colorado should move ahead with efforts to reduce greenhouse gas.

The issue comes down to the fact that Democrats control the governorship and the state’s house. But Republicans control the senate. And this week the GOP-controlled senate expressly prohibited Colorado from working on the Clean Power Plan until a Supreme-Court-ordered stay is lifted.