Colorado Looks to Update Seatbelt Laws After Deadly Year

Mar 11, 2016

Credit The Denver Post

Colorado and Nebraska are the only states in the HPPR listening area where you can’t be pulled over specifically for not wearing your seatbelt. But in 2015, Colorado saw its deadliest year of traffic fatalities since 2008. In response, traffic safety professionals from around the nation convened in Denver last month, reports The Denver Post. 545 people died in Colorado crashes last year, an increase of 57 deaths over the previous year. And many are blaming the lax seatbelt laws in the state.

Initiatives currently in place include road improvements, education and focused law enforcement patrols. But officials know that stronger traffic laws make roads safer. Laws that save lives include mandatory motorcycle helmet laws and making driving without a seatbelt an offense for which you can be pulled over. Colorado has neither law.