Deer Rut in July? Absolutely True for Axis Deer in Texas

Jul 12, 2013

Credit Luke Clayton

If I was going to tell you that Christmas comes twice a year for deer hunters, you would say I was just plain crazy.  But for those who know about the delicious axis deer, it is the absolute truth.  One of my favorite places to hunt these is with my good friend Mark Balette

Mark has trophy axis on his ranch over at Trinity, Texas, and folks, I have never been disappointed.  Things are a little different hunting in midsummer, but in reality, it's easier.  We hunt from stands, rather than spotting and stalking.  You wear lighter clothing.  Instead of packing meat into the coolers, Mark has a walk in refrigerator.  The only difficulty with a summer hunt is trying to hold myself back when the wild hogs come into range.  You can see pictures and find out more over on his website.