Editorial Calls Out Texas Lawmakers for Low Academic Achievement and Unequal Funding

Jul 11, 2017

Credit Ryan Stanton / Flickr Creative Commons

Texas ranks 41st among states when it comes to child educational achievement. That’s nothing new; Texas has hovered near the bottom in this category for years.

A recent editorial in The San Antonio Express-News took issue with state policy makers who continually accept Texas’s poor academic performance as status quo. This particular study of childhood data has been around for 27 years, and Texas has never performed well. Yet, the editors note , Texas lawmakers have done very little to fix the issue.


The editorial insists that it’s because the students most affected by the problem—those in poor communities—can’t afford high-powered lobbyists to look out for them in Austin. And unequal school financing makes the problem worse.

The State Legislature assets the editorial has had numerous opportunities to make funding more equable. They’ve continually ignored the problem, focusing instead on bathroom bills and school vouchers.