Elk Camp: The Details of Daily Life

Sep 13, 2013

Credit Luke Clayton

 This week, I'm sharing a few details about elk camp.  First, what to bring.  You need to bring your bow, and appropriate clothing.  It's very important that you are proficient with your bow before arriving at camp.  Once you arrive, we get straight to business.  There's no time to practice.

About clothing, if you haven't spent time in the mountains, know this- the weather can change on a dime.  One minute the sky can be clear, and the sun warm, the next snow and high winds can be beating down on you.  Layers are important, and just because it's early fall, don't leave the warm gear at home.

Accommodations.     I sleep in a tent while I'm up at elk camp, but all my hunters have a nice cabin to lay their heads down in at night.  We head to a spring every other day to shower, and since the weather is quite cool at night, the water is... well, it's best to say we return to camp sparkling clean and quite refreshed.  

Food.  You all know by now, that I love to cook, and despite the heavy activity at elk camp, I come home a few pounds heavier because we have an excellent cook.  I never know what he's going to whip up, but I can guarantee you one thing- it will be delicious.  We always have great breakfasts, and then suppers are incredible.  It could be anything from cheeseburgers to fried chicken, potatoes and gravy.  It's down-home at its best.

I'll be headed home soon.  I've had a great time up here in the mountains.  Until next week, enjoy the great outdoors!