Enjoy the programming … and pledge now online!

Oct 11, 2012

HPPR’s fall membership drive is taking a break from “pitching” for your support.  All you’ll hear are some short on-air reminders – so enjoy the uninterrupted programming.  Our volunteers answering the phones have also gone home for the day.  But you can still make your pledge on-line since hppr.org never sleeps.  

Please take a moment now in the quiet of the evening and overnight hours to make your contribution to ensure HPPR stays on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in your community.  By acting now you’ll shorten the time needed for on-air fundraising, earn a special Feed your radio, feed a family match of 4% of your contribution to support area food banks and, of course, provide the funds needed to continue HPPR’s service to you and your community.

Success in meeting the $80,000 goal of this drive is crucial.  HPPR is just starting to turn the corner from managing through the severe strain of $255,000 in State of Kansas funding cuts and just beginning to work on making significant additions and improvements in our programing services.  For a full status report on HPPR “turning the corner” and the improvements the future could hold, please click here.  And remember, it’s all possible only through your support.  Pledge on-line now or call 800-678-7444.  Thank you!