The farm bill passes the House, no thanks to Kansas legislators

Jan 29, 2014

A lone tractor with grain wagon must keep up with several combines in this Kansas field of Hard Red Winter wheat.

The farm bill was passed by the House and sent to the Senate.  The compromise farm bill totals almost $100 billion a year, and contains a small cut in food stamps and preserves most crop subsidies according to a recent article in the Washington Post.

The measure was approved, 251-166, with solid back from the Republican leadership team. 

House Agriculture Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla., who has been working on the bill since 2011, called the compromise a “miracle” after years of setbacks.

Ironically, Kansas is known as the “Wheat Capital of the World,” yet all representatives, including Tim Huelskamp, voted against the measure.

For a look at how the rest of the representatives voted, here is a complete list from