The First Lady of the Texas Panhandle

Jul 19, 2013

The Charles and Mary Ann Dyer Goodnight House at Goodnight, Texas
Credit Charles Goodnight Historical Center

Mary Ann Dyer Goodnight: First Lady of  the Texas Panhandle, wife of Charlie Goodnight, and to cowhands, "The Mother of the Texas Panhandle."  Myra H McIlvain recently told the story of Mary Goodnight in her blog.

Mary moved with her family to the west Texas settlement of Fort Belknap when she was 14. 

Mary Ann Goodnight

There she met a man who would determine the course of her life- Charlie Goodnight. 

She and her husband were instrumental in saving the southern plains bison and establishing Goodnight college.  Evidence of their generosity is seen across the panhandle today. 

Mary Ann Dyer Goodnight exemplifies the phrase, "Behind every great man, there's a great woman." 

Read her wonderful story here.