Growing on the High Plains: Start Spreadin' the Views!

Dec 1, 2016

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Botanic Garden

It's autumn, so what better time to take a walk through a garden within a garden within a garden?

On today's installment of Growing on the High Plains, I'll zip you off to the Big Apple so we can explore the many wonders of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden—an incredible space that features phenomenal themed gardens, diverse pavilions, an eco-center, educational classes, and shade trees that seem to spread out as wide as our region's prairies.

Situated in one of the most bustling boroughs in "the city that never sleeps," you'd have to sacrifice more than a few winks yourself to get through all of the natural wonder available at the BBG.

If you're ever in Brooklyn, do NOT miss a chance to take it all in. My only regret: I wish I could have seen it all!