High Plains inspires Colorado artist

May 5, 2014

Prairie Ghost #3 by Catherine Scott
Credit catherinescott.com

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life   - Pablo Picasso.

A new exhibit at the Portal Gallery in Longmont, Colorado, not only provides an opportunity to wash away the dust of the past months from your soul, but it could also help you to see beauty in the abandoned places of Eastern Colorado. 

Catherine Scott grew up in Philadelphia, but a family road trip to the West captured her according to a recent article in the Reporter Herald.

As she says, "When I laid eyes on the high plains — that was it for me. It had honesty with its buildings in big spaces. The land changes with the seasons, and there are patterns that can only be seen from the sky."

Scott’s “Prairie Constructs” is an entire show inspired by the weathered patina, peeling paint, and rust—all visible evidence of the passage of time on the abandoned buildings in Eastern Colorado.       

Scott has drawn her entire life.  Her mom was an art teacher.  She obtained her bachelor of fine arts from the University of Pennsylvania, and then master’s degree in architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle.  She spent a quarter of a century as a practicing architect, and then let art become a fulltime profession.

“Prairie Constructs” is now showing in the Portal Gallery.  Catherine Scott is the Longmont Museum’s assistant exhibit curator.  She also has a spacious studio southwest of Berthoud, Colorado.

Her website is catherinescottstudio.com.