High Plains Veterinarians On The Lookout For Opioid Scammers

Aug 2, 2017

Credit pexels.com

A new battlefront has opened up in the High Plains war against prescription painkiller abuse.

As KFOR reports, veterinarians have begun to keep an eye out for pet owners who may be using their pets’ prescriptions themselves.

Dr. Eli Landry, a vet in Seminole, Oklahoma, said he and his colleagues have noticed a new type of patient who comes in with a pet and requests a specific medication by name.

“They know what they’re trying to seek and get.” Dr. Landry said. “So they know what to bring in and what history to give.”

Other High Plains veterinarians have reported pet owners requesting prescriptions for Xanax and Valium for their animals.

Animal rights advocate Heather Hernandez called the practice of using animals to feed human addictions “disgusting,” adding: “These animals need good loving homes.”