Hog Hunting With Nikon Camera Gets Western

Jan 24, 2014

This boar is headed right for me! Thank heaven for trees!
Credit Luke Clayton

Howdy folks!  You have got to listen to this week's show!  I'm talking with big bore air rifle designer and builder Terry Tate.  We had quite an adventure hog hunting, and I got my first big game with an air rifle. 

Terry and I got the porker hung on the meat pole, and I decided to break out the Nikon camera.  That's when things got a bit western as you can see on the photo to the right.  That boar is charging!  I am so thankful for the tree I hid behind to get out of the way.

Life's never boring in the great outdoors!

Until next time, be safe and enjoy the wide open spaces in your neck of the woods.