A Houston Business Lets You Release Your Rage for a Fee

May 27, 2016

Credit Tantrums LLC/The Guardian

After losing her oil job when prices dropped below $50 a barrel, Houston’s Shawn Baker started a new kind of business, reports The Guardian. In a world where there’s so much simmering anger, she thought, why not let people pay to smash stuff? Baker started Tantrums LLC, a one-stop shop where customers can release their inner Incredible Hulk. Tantrums is part of a growing nationwide trend known as  “rage rooms,” where frustrated clients blow off steam with the help of a baseball bat.

Baker says business is good, with customers ranging from stay-at-home moms to bikers to office workers on team-building exercises. Some of her visitors have been sent to Tantrums by their therapists.

Each room has a television and whatever else Baker can come up with, from crockery to broken appliances. A five-minute session costs $25 and, a “theme room” will run you $85.