How does HPPR enrich, engage and empower you?

Apr 15, 2013

We want to hear from you!

We've asked our members to share how HPPR enriches, engages and empowers their lives and communities and  compiled a list below.

Now we want to hear from you!

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Take a look at what our members are saying!

--"I enjoy Mike Fullers  show every morning. Anyone who plays James McMurtry is all right in my book!"
-Mark Richards

--"Whenever I can, I stream HPPR from my work in Harding County, New Mexico, as well as Wallace County in Kansas. It is a gift to all Listeners!"
-Stephanie Brock

--"Great service, information and music. We don't know what we would do without you. Thanks for all you do."
-Sharon and Buzz Willis

--"HPPR is our pipeline to sanity."
-Thomas and Joy Follis

--"I listen to HPPR from western Nebraska.  Love Cindee Talley and her humor.  I also enjoy Mike with his music in the morning. Keep up the good work Cindee and everyone!"
-Kelly Reece

--"Public radio provides me with reliable news, entertainment, and notes on the cultural events in the area."
-Chris Juarez

--"THANK YOU for not joining the careless, biased sell-outs that make up the bulk of our current national media!! Thank you for sticking to your guns!"
-Julia and Daniel Wood

--" HPPR enriches, engages and empowers me with world  wide and state news coverage, news on health issues and Saturday morning programming."
-Julia and Morris Engle

--"I thoroughly enjoy my mornings working on the computer and listening to Mike Fuller."
-Gwen and Wayne Murphy

--" HPPR is a wonderful mix of music and information."
-George Laughead

--"I am a distant relative from Salem Oregon. I am a regular listener and supporter of 3 NPR stations. I thoroughly enjoy Mike's weekday program, especially theme days. I also really enjoy all of the weekend shows including Western Swing, Midnight Special, the Woodsongs folk show and John Pizzarelli's Radio Deluxe. One of these days we will make a road trip to your country. Thank-you for all you do!
-Jean Bissell

--"Public radio engages me with  thoughtful conversations on programs like All Things Considered."
-Virgil Symes

--"I used to be a sporadic listener to HPPR. Ever since Mike Fuller took the helm at High Plains Morning, I find myself listening all day at work, always in my car, several evenings a week and Saturday and Sunday! High Plains Public Radio truly enriches my life with the best music, interesting and informative programs and news that makes sense to me. Amarillo would be 'much less' without High Plains Public Radio. And of course, it's no secret that Mike is one of the loves of my life, so HPPR would be much less without him."
-Sue Burns

--"Public radio enriches our lives with things we may never have known existed."
-Kathleen Rewers-Felkins

-- "Public radio enriches the High Plains by providing diverse offerings and in-depth news stories."
-Mary Emeny

--"Information is empowering. I know of no other source I trust more for information than NPR and HPPR."
-Glenn Kerbs

--"The station enriches us with a variety of music, up-to-date news and fun programming."
-Gary and Janelle Walter

-- "Classical music in the afternoon allows me to hear music that is new to me and is a great way to spend the time in the car while running errands. I also appreciate the news programs which are insightful, accurate and always done in a way that shows the interviewer's respect for the interviewee.  Thank you for bringing intelligent radio to the panhandle of Texas."
-Kay and Harold Peetoom

-- "Public radio enriches engages and empowers with timely thoughtful relevant reporting.  It augments us by reflecting on the people and events that have shaped our lives and area. HPPR ties our diverse far flung geography together in a common bond to create and sustain a resource that adds to our quality of life."
-Don Harness, Member of HPPR Board of Directors

--"We listen constantly to classical music and news to soothe and inform ourselves."
-Johnie and Linda Miller