HPPR's Spring Membership Campaign Underway

Apr 6, 2014

Our Spring Membership Campaign is underway.  

With your help today, HPPR will best the national average of one in ten and meet its goal of $100,000 and 2,000 active members. Click here to pledge now!

What's the significance of one in ten? 
One out of every ten public radio listeners takes the next step and supports public radio.  This average isn't unique only to HPPR, it's the rate of support that has sustained public radio stations around the nation for years.  However, the average of one in ten has very different outcomes for different stations ... 

Why is it important for HPPR to best the average?
A typical public radio station is likely to serve an urbanized market of at least 2 or 3 million people.  A population base that size provides a large listening base.  With that base even a low contribution rate among listeners can translate into a large number of members and millions of dollars in listener support.

On the other hand, HPPR, with its network of 21 stations covering the High Plains region of five states, still only reaches about 600,000 people, or a fifth of the population available to support more typical, urban-based public radio stations.  There’s an added factor as well ...

While an urban station can reach several million listeners with one, maybe two transmitters, HPPR must maintain, power, and insure a network of 21 stations to reach all of its listeners. This means that HPPR's cost to serve each listener is inherently higher than that of an urban-centered station, and that each member to HPPR is vital to its operation. 

How can HPPR best the national average?
By reaching $100,000 and 2,000 active members, HPPR will secure a high enough rate of support per listener and average gift to best the national average. The combination of reaching both these goals will put HPPR in a position to sustain its service and consider how its service an move forward next. 

To reach our goals, it will take the support of new members making their first contribution, current and lapsed members renewing their commitment, and those in the position to do so, to consider an additional gift of support. 

Please do your part to help HPPR best the national average  and meet its goals by pledging here now