Hunting hogs from hot air balloons may soon be legal in Texas

May 14, 2017

Credit NASA / Public Domain/Atlas Obscura

Feral hogs have been in the news as of late, as Texas continues to struggle with the scourge of millions of wild pigs and the damage they cause.

There was the so-called “Hog Apocalypse,” proposed by Ag Commissioner Sid Miller, who wanted to distribute poisoned bait across the state to kill the oinkers. Hunters and environment groups raised a ruckus, and the scheme has now been put on hold while a state district judge thinks it over.

Then, there was the plan to thin the herds by allowing them to be hunted from rented helicopters, otherwise known as “pork choppers.”

The latest idea to enter the realm of pig news involves balloons. As Atlas Obscura reports, two state legislators have proposed a bill that would make it legal to hunt wild pigs from hot air balloons. The bill has passed the state House of Representatives, with no opposition. It now heads to the Senate for approval.