It's a Texas Bucket List Adventure

Apr 25, 2016

This week’s High Plains Outdoors is the start to a grand adventure for Cindee and three of her friends.  The men are headed to Mark Balette’s ranch, B&C Outfitters, to hog hunt, while Cindee and her dear friend, Kelly, are headed to the Gulf. 

Cindee has no concept of how big Texas really is.  Her experience has only been as far as the Panhandle. The whole crew is in for a big treat with the men hunting hogs, and the women heading to stay in a little house on the canals in Rockport as they explore the Gulf Coast for the first time.

Cindee tells me the men have had Texas hog hunting on their bucket lists for years, and she’s looking to cross a bluebonnet treat off her own list.  I’ve added a must-stop, The Boiling Pot, in Rockport.

Stay with us next week when she’ll be back to share some of their experiences.