Joe Dunn: barbeque for thousands

Apr 8, 2016

Joe Dunn is a Chaplain with Victim Relief Ministries and rides with officers of police departments. Joe and his fellow chaplains are give help and comfort to victims of violent crime and their families. Joe is pictured here with The Beast, his gigantic smoker that he uses in his BBQ ministry, feeding the hungry.
Credit Luke Clayton

Luke's guest on High Plains Outdoors this week is one of his long time friends Joe Dunn. Joe is a Chaplain for Victim Relief Ministries and also uses his BBQ skills and... his gigantic smoker nicknamed The Beast, to feed homeless folks and anyone in need of a great BBQ meal. 

Joe gives some cooking tips that is sure to help your next BBQ turn out great. Joe's wife Donna works with her husband and through the years, the duo have prepared thousands of meals for people in need.