Kansas: Breaking Health Down by the Numbers

Aug 4, 2013

Credit Colourbox

The Kansas Health Institute put together a view of the state of the state’s health by the numbers.  

Here’s a categorical summary: 

  • Money.  In 2009 Kansans spent $6,782  per capita. In 1999, it was $3,915.
  • Drugs.  Kansas residents filled an average of 12 prescriptions at Kansas pharmacies in 2011. Retail sales of prescriptions filled at Kansas pharmacies totaled: $1,944,483,582.
  • Private Insured v State Covered.  The number of Kansans enrolled in Medicaid in May 2013 was 397,777, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.  The number enrolled in the dominant private carrier, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas?  377,518 according to analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  •  Healthcare Workers.  Using 2011 and 2012 statistics, Kansas had 6,349 physicians, 28,180 registered nurses, and 1,468 active dentists.  The health care industry employs 9.4% of the state’s workforce.
  • Life and Death.  The birth rate is the lowest since reporting began in 1912.  In 2011, there were 39,628 live births and 25,114 deaths according to the latest KDHE vital statistics report.

Details about each of these groups can be found online at The Kansas Health Institute.