Kansas Corrections Department helping county jails gain access to Medicaid

Feb 4, 2014

Credit wibwnewsnow.com

The Kansas Department of Corrections, KDoC, is working with local law enforcement officials to help county jail keepers bill Medicaid for part of their inmates’ health care costs according to the Kansas Institute of Health.  

The additional coverage could save Kansas jails $1.2 to $2.4 million annually said Voila Riggin, director of health care services at the Kansas Department of Corrections.

“KDoC has access to Medicaid for a limited number of patients; those who are over 64 or under 19, those who are severely disabled, and for women, those who are pregnant,” Riggin said.

Riggin went on to say county jails could be billing Medicaid for services provided to eligible inmates, but the jails often lack staff who know how to navigate the program’s complicated billing procedures. 

Riggin also said the expanded Medicaid plan should be up and running by July 1.

KDoC is responsible for providing health care to about 9,500 inmates in 14 correctional facilities across the state.  Most of the department’s health care costs are covered by the state’s $49.3 million dollar contract with Correct Care Solutions, Inc.