Kansas Lawmakers Questioned Over Taxes and Medicaid

Apr 19, 2016

Dan Kerschen, R-Garden Plain
Credit KSlegislature.org

Kansas legislators were grilled this weekend by a small but vocal group of citizens. The interrogators wanted the lawmakers to justify the state’s low revenue and reasons for not expanding Medicaid. The exchange occurred at a South-Central Kansas Legislative Delegation meeting, reports The Wichita Eagle.

Many of the questioners wanted to know details about the impact of income tax cuts for businesses. Kansas currently faces a budget hole of about $30 million, a situation that tax cuts seem to be worsening.

Sen. Dan Kerschen, a Republican legislator of Garden Plain, told the audience that a tax plan was put together last year to repeal the business exemption, but it was voted down. Several Republicans at the meeting touted the fact that state revenue is higher than it was last year. But critics noted that this is because the state raised the sales tax on groceries.