Kansas: Tax revenue for July ends three months of tax revenue shortfalls

Aug 5, 2014

Nick Jordan, Kansas secretary of revenue
Credit kscpa.org

July tax collections by the Kansas state government exceeded analysts’ projections for July.  This is a reversal of a three-month shortfall that deflated revenue more than $330 million according to the Topeka-Capital Journal.

The Kansas Department of Revenue reported revenue in the first month of the fiscal year was $1.6 million above the target set by a panel of economists, analysts and officials in the administration of Gov. Sam Brownback.

Nick Jordan is the state’s revenue secretary.  He says, “We are cautiously optimistic about these results, but pleased to see further evidence that Kansans are getting back to work."

The revenue department took in nearly $409 million during July, while the official forecast indicated revenues would be closer to $407 million.

The state took in much less than projects in April, May and June.  Revenue to the state slipped $93 million in April, $217 million in May and $28 million in June under the target for a combined deficit of $338 million.

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