KAWS Wetland Coordinator - Helping Landowners Conserve Playas

Oct 28, 2013

Wetland vegetation and birds in the Ehmke playa, Lane County, Kansas
Credit William C. Johnson

Duane Cheney, from the Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams, talks to landowners and operators in western Kansas about the benefits of enrolling playas in NRCS's Wetlands Reserve Program or Continuous CRP, thereby taking those "mudholes" out of production once and for all and converting them into wonderful wildlife habitat that also helps recharge the Ogallala aquifer. Doug Duell talks about his experience rehabbing a 40-acre playa on his western Kansas cropland.

This is the final episode in a five-part Playa Country series on the Ogallala Aquifer initiative. It originally aired on High Plains Public Radio October 29, 2013. In November, Playa Country will air the second chapter in the Grassland Birds series. This four-part series will begin November 5, 2013.