Large Mouth Bass Fishing: Live Bait with Seth Vanover

Jul 5, 2013

Fishing for large mouth bass on live bait used to be controversial because fish could  swallow the bait, however, Seth Vanover has perfected reeling in the big ones and releasing them back into the lake- healthy and ready to go again.

Seth uses a drop shot rig- a special set up he's spent years perfecting.  It's not just about the gear, but Seth also teaches his clients how to drop the bait in, when, and how to set the hook.  He says 12 pound fish didn't get to be that size, "by bein dumb."  

Seth routinely catches these huge beauties.

Seth Vanover with a gorgeous catch on Lake Fork

To contact Seth: 903-736-4557.  You can also find out more on his website