Living Room Concert: Williams Lost

May 7, 2016

Joey Dinkel (Williams Lost) of Hoxie, KS

  If you asked Joe, the sole singer-songwriter of Williams Lost, his music combines “country cheese” and “bubble-gum pop,” with a hint of melancholy.  To the local listener, however, his sound evokes a straight-up, High Plains singer-songwriter aesthetic.
Hailing from Kansas, Williams Lost captures the spirit of the Plains. A gifted live performer, he has a folk sensibility with direct, honest lyrics about his search for a sense of place. Joe's tunes are delivered on a bed of stripped-down acoustic guitar and harmonica -- the result is raw poetry that fits perfectly in the Panhandle.

Don't miss his performance, which kicks off HPPR's first Living Room Concert at the Palace in Canyon.

(Opener: Andrew Akins)

Williams Lost 

Saturday, May 7th

Palace Coffee Company

420 15th St., Canyon, TX

8:00 pm 

$10-15 Suggested Donation