A Majority of Texans Support Gun Background Checks

Mar 11, 2016

Credit University of Texas/Texas Tribune

Texans’ opinions about guns appear to be at odds with the laws of their own state, according to new polling data. The Texas Tribune reports that Texas voters overwhelmingly support mental and criminal background checks on all gun purchases in the US. That includes firearms sold at gun shows and private sales. In fact, more than half “strongly support” those checks, while another 24 percent said they “somewhat support” them. In total, 78 percent of the Texas electorate supports background checks of some kind.

Virtually every subset of the electorate favors the checks, across the political spectrum, though support was less strong among whites and conservatives.

Gun laws in the Lone Star State are some of the most lax in the country. For example, handgun license holders in Texas are currently exempt from the federal background check requirement when purchasing a handgun.