Meet the Wildcatters Behind the National Fracking Boom

Nov 22, 2013


Fracking has revolutionized the oil and gas industry.  It has shifted the position of the Untied States from being energy dependent on other countries to becoming energy independent according to Gregory Zuckerman of the Wall Street Journal.  Zuckerman’s new book, “The Frackers, The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters,” introduces readers to the men behind the new technology. 

Colorado Public Radio’s Leslie McClurg talks with Zuckerman about:  his motivation to write the book, who’s behind the new technology, what the current boom began with small players not large oil and gas companies, and who this handful of Oklahomans were that changed the course of the energy game.


Listen to the story of these men, and they’re all men, from the wrong side of the tracks, sons of alcoholics, immigrants and sons of immigrants here.