Menace to Meal

May 23, 2013

Don Gresham has discovered a way to turn negatives into positives when it comes to dealing with feral hogs.  Gresham is the owner of, "Goin Fencing," a portable trap for catching feral hogs.  Don was motivated by the destruction caused by these animals to invent a method for their capture.  Don combined the technology of smart phones with a circular trap to catch and contain the pigs.

The pens are positioned with a scatter feeder in the middle of the circle, at the head gate there is a trigger operated by an smart phone ap, as well as a camera so you have a visual feed to monitor what's inside the pen at any time.  Once the pigs are captured, a trailer can be back to the gate, the hogs loaded, hauled to a certified meat packer.  They are sold by the pound, which is an offset to the landowner for the destruction caused. 

With the camera observation, Don has learned some very interesting animal movement patterns.  I've asked him to come back next week to share those observations.  You can learn more about the hog traps at:

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