New Kansas Driver's License Causing Headaches For Some

Aug 10, 2017

Credit Kansas Department of Revenue

The new Kansas driver’s license is causing frustration for some.

As the Topeka Capital-Journal reports, the “Real ID” is meant to comply with federal identification requirements for airport security purposes and will contain either a gold circle with a white star cutout proving the holder is lawfully in the U.S. and that it is acceptable federal identification, or the words “not for federal ID.”

Those seeking to obtain the Real ID credential must provide social security number documentation and their birth certificate or valid U.S. passport; people without such documents can get the “not for federal ID” card, which will not be acceptable identification for boarding domestic flights or entering designated federal sites after Sept. 30, 2020, but will still be valid as state IDs or drivers licenses.

But as The Kansas City Star reports, some are renewing their licenses without being aware of the change and therefore not bringing the documentation necessary in securing the Real ID.